Reflecting on the past year

There’s no denying that 2017 was a very good year for Pioneer Freight. With a good, steady growth, we reeled in new clients, gained new staff members and continued to maintain the status quo

Packing tips to keep your shipment safe and problem free.

Parcels shipped to another country can often travel thousands of kilometres, it is essential to ensure that it is correctly packaged as to avoid damages caused in transit. International standards for packing are very



The importance of fumigation in exports and imports

Fumigating items in a shipment is more important than we think it is. Often at times an inconvenience and lengthening the shipping procedure, the process of fumigation ensures the biodiversity of the destination is

Temporary Import vs ATA Carnet

On the back of last month’s newsletter which focused on the upcoming film season in South Africa, this month we turn to one of the most commonly asked questions when bringing goods into South
why is an msds document important

What is MSDS and why is it important?

When booking Hazardous Cargo with an airline or shipping line, one of the questions they would (or should) always ask is for an MSDS for the cargo. MSDS stands for Material Safety Data Sheet The purpose of the
COVID, shipping news

A final sign off to 2020

There is no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year for mankind throughout the world. It’s a year where at times we felt helpless, frustrated, confined and demotivated.  The COVID pandemic has affected all
port congestions causes and effects

Port Congestion – causes, consequences and impact on global trade

A port is a place within a harbour where a ship can dock for the purpose of handling commercial cargo or passengers or taking care of the ship’s requirements. Port is also a place
Closing off 2021 freight forwarding

Goodbye 2021

As 2021 draws to an end, and we gear up for the fast-approaching festive period, we reflect on yet another crazy year. These times we find ourselves in will certainly be written in the

Meet the JHB Team

We hereby take pleasure in introducing our Pioneer Freight Johannesburg team, those who make things happen and who deliver the service that you have become accustomed to.