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International Courier

For those extra urgent small packages or documents, Pioneer Freight offers a worldwide door to door service at competitive rates.


We are proud to be able to offer an overnight courier service to most main destinations in the world. We never consolidate our overnight express courier shipments. Each shipment is handled individually and is on the move from the time it leaves the senders door until delivery at destination. This service is frequently used by film production companies for their daily film rushes.


For the in between option. The 2 day courier service has proved to be very popular as it is far more cost effective than the Overnight Courier service and delivery is usually before mid day 2 days after departure to most main centers throughout the world.


The most commonly heard of international courier service which most are probably familiar with. Pioneer Freight takes care in providing our customers with the security (peace of mind) of knowing that their consignment has been delivered timeously. No hassle, no fuss, just leave it with us!