As 2021 draws to an end, and we gear up for the fast-approaching festive period, we reflect on yet another crazy year. These times we find ourselves in will certainly be written in the history books, which generation upon generation will read about in amazement and dismay.

From a freight forwarding/freight logistics point of view, we have been dealt some huge challenges this year. First off was the sudden supply and demand scenario with vessels and flights; mainly from the Far East. This of course was coupled with massive increases in basic air & ocean freight rates, both internationally as well as locally for domestic airfreight.

As always, not a year goes by without challenges in the form of service delivery & wind delays in our main sea ports, Durban & Cape Town. In addition, the port of Cape Town implemented a new booking system for containers moving in and out of the port. Teething problems being the order of the day for the first month. Fortunately, this has now stabilised somewhat.

As a good client stated a few weeks back to me in conversation; “You guys must be working twice as hard nowadays for no additional revenue?” Well, he hit the nail on the head!!! We most certainly are.

The cost of living has skyrocketed in the past year. We have seen the price of fuel increase by almost R5.00 per litre from January to December 2021. At the same time, Eskom is doing us no favours with surprise load shedding; normally when we least expect it. Unemployment is at an all-time low.

All the above does absolutely nothing for business; for the economy; nor for the country.

Despite the reality of the above-mentioned doom and gloom, (sorry to have reminded you of these things which we are trying really hard to forget) there does seem to be an upturn in our economy. From a Pioneer Freight point of view, we have most certainly noticed far more enquiries; and movement of cargo in the past few months compared to 2020, which bares sentiment that there must finally be a swing in the direction of normality.

As South Africans, we fight hard because we are built strong. We have the ability to bounce back from most things that are thrown at us. We love our country and keep our heads held up high. We hope and trust that something exciting awaits us all in 2022. We have endured much and look forward to the light at the end of this tunnel.

We thank you, our valued clients for your ongoing support in 2021. Business has been tough, and we strongly hope and trust that you have felt our support throughout the year as we have navigated our way through the aforementioned challenges alongside you.

Our offices remain open and in full operation over the festive period with the exception of public holidays.

May you and your families have a blessed festive period, and we look forward together with yourselves, to a prosperous and successful 2022.

Ryan Burgess