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freight industry update

Freight Industry Update

Airfreight ImportsAs the world slowly returns to a semblance of normality, we find that the airfreight imports into SA continue […]
pioneer freight sea imports team

An In depth look at our Cape Town Sea Imports Team

They say behind every successful business normally sits a brilliant group of people, working hard to stay on top. This […]
29 years of service excellence

29 Years of Service Excellence

This month our newsletter is slightly different. Pioneer Freight now being 29 years in operation and with a national staff […]
shipping detour post suez blockage

Suez Blockage Aftermath

The headline in shipping news of late is that one of the world’s most vital trade arteries has been blocked […]
port congestions causes and effects

Port Congestion – causes, consequences and impact on global trade

A port is a place within a harbour where a ship can dock for the purpose of handling commercial cargo […]

The Perfect Storm

Freight rates on the East -> West trades have drastically increased over the last few weeks and months, to levels […]
COVID, shipping news

A final sign off to 2020

There is no doubt that 2020 was a challenging year for mankind throughout the world. It’s a year where at […]
COVID, vaccination, shipping, airfreight

Covid-19 Vaccine Global Distribution

It’s started: Many airline carriers have begun uplifting Covid-19 vaccines over the past few days, and Freight Forwarders are beginning […]


It is with much excitement and pleasure that Pioneer Freight begins a new partnership with Crowe DNA, our recently appointed […]

Peak Season is upon us

What is Peak Season in the Freight Forwarding Industry.  By definition, “it’s the time of year when a lot of […]
why is an msds document important

What is MSDS and why is it important?

When booking Hazardous Cargo with an airline or shipping line, one of the questions they would (or should) always ask […]
Freight Rate Increases

Airfreight rates up as capacity comes under pressure

Airfreight rates from key Asian hubs continued to climb last week as ocean capacity shortages and personal protective equipment shipments […]
interesting facts about the shipping industry

Interesting Things about the Freight Forwarding Industry

Still the Greenest Transportation Option You may think that vehicles as large as tankers and freight carriers have a pretty […]
History of the shipping container

The History of the Shipping Container created in 1956

Most people don’t understand or recognize the significance of the humble shipping container. Before shipping containers, all goods were manually […]
Coronavirus, COVID-19, shipping, imports, exports, forwarding, airfreight

Coronavirus Level 4 Update

This week sees a new week in the South African COVID-19 lockdown at level 4, starting a phased economic opening. […]
shipping, imports, exports, coronavirus, forwarding

Coronavirus Update

Preventative measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus are being utilised with many companies in China choosing to have […]
General Average, Shipping, Imports, Exports, maritime insurance, forwarding

General Average

A container carrier recently declared General Average following an incident that occurred on board one of their vessels on the […]
customs duty, imports, exports, sean freight, air freight, freight forwarding

How is customs duty & vat calculated on imported goods?

Every single item which is imported into South Africa, no matter by what means of transport; airfreight, seafreight, courier etc. […]
Incoterms, shipping, import, export, sea freight, ocean freight, forwarding

Incoterms 2020

What is the meaning of Incoterms and why do they play a crucial role in international trade when buying or […]

IMO 2020 Tariff Adjustments

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will implement a new E-Emission target set to take effect from 1 January 2020. Shipping […]

Temporary Import vs ATA Carnet

On the back of last month’s newsletter which focused on the upcoming film season in South Africa, this month we […]

Things are picking up in the film industry

September marks the beginning of the film industry commercial season and at this point we reflect on last season.   The […]

Not all shipments can be shipped equally

The differences between air and sea freight are seemingly apparent, but for shippers, there is much more than meets the […]

The importance of fumigation in exports and imports

Fumigating items in a shipment is more important than we think it is. Often at times an inconvenience and lengthening […]

New building and new possibilities for Johannesburg

Here at Pioneer Freight we are always trying to look out for opportunities to help the company grow, expand our […]

New rules for carry on imports

Customs clearing is not only for imports and exports, but also applies to some carry-on luggage on international flights. This […]

Peak season rate increases

Nearing the second half of the year, some companies are beginning to prepare for the madness of the festive season. […]

All about the numbers

It is easy to forget all the different pieces of a company that helps to build their success, keeps them […]

Requirements for exporting from South Africa

Exporting goods anywhere in the world requires some careful planning, correct packing and specific paperwork. Without these important documents the […]

The importance of a Clearing Instruction

Completing any export or import shipment is a process which requires careful planning, manual labour practically moving the shipment as […]

The ever-expanding Pioneer Freight

For 27 years Pioneer Freight has worked hard to build a reputation of being the best logistics company in South […]

Meet the drivers

Our drivers, the regular point of contact with our customers can only be described as a well-oiled team making sure […]

When a shipment is just too big

Since shipping began, people have tried to ship almost anything. With the creation of bigger and better ships aided the […]

Keeping you updated

Time waits for no man it seems, 4 months into the year and as always, we can only be proud […]

The challenges of vessel bypassing

In the world of shipping there are often a few things that can go wrong, whether it be damaged cargo […]

Dealing with damaged cargo

In a perfect world we would all like to assume that every single shipment runs smoothly, and all shipments received […]

Check before you ship

Since modern day shipping, people have shipped almost anything one can think of, but the one fact we often do […]

Let’s get packing

In the selection of the shipment packaging and pallets, attention must be paid to the correct size (shipment contents plus […]

Boasting new branding for our fleet

Marketing in any business is a very important aspect, it makes sure a companies’ name gets seen by many. The […]

The evolution of the shipping industry

Looking back at the shipping industry, a lot has changed between its early days and modern shipping as we know […]

The art of shipping art

Through the years, shipping and globalisation has made it possible for people to buy and sell art internationally, as well […]

An in depth look at our sea exports team.

They say behind every successful business normally sits a brilliant group of people, working hard to stay on top. It […]

A battery of problems for a mere battery

All batteries are considered dangerous when they are being flown. Lithium batteries, or lithium-ion batteries, are essentially powerful batteries designed […]

New year, new challenges

It is incredible to think that the past year went by so fast, but not without its set of challenges […]

China is taking a long break.

Lantern Festival is the celebration of the start of the Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year, usually known as the […]

It’s Competition Time!

With the beginning of the festive season we have decided to be a little generous. In 3 easy steps you […]

Rules and regulations when dealing with customs

Dealing with customs can be a challenging process. By knowing the rules and regulations, complications can be avoided. The Euro […]

Sometimes getting personal is a good thing.

No one likes to be just a number at a company. Having to constantly repeat yourself once an issue arises; […]

Adapting to new routines

As the seasons turn we all must adapt and adjust our routines and the logistics industry is no exception in […]

From the docks to your door

Over the past few months we have covered the beginning steps of a shipment, but what we have not covered, […]

Here’s to rubbing shoulders with prospective clients

Expo’s and film festivals are the easiest way for any logistics company, especially Pioneer Freight to make new connections as […]

Incorporating operational skills into sales.

Innovation in the 21st century is what differentiates the good from the better. So how does a company differentiate itself […]

Putting the spotlight on B-BBEE

With its inception in 2003, B-BBEE has become a natural first question to ask when considering any business with a […]

The fascinating world of shipping cars

Shipping cars isn’t a new concept at all, there are so many corporations doing it daily. The one fact about […]

Freight forwarders – the invisible world of film production

Majority of film creation is a perfect mix of talent, hard work and dedication from producers, actors and film crew, […]

We’ve been around the block for quite some time.

In the highly competitive world of film forwarding, experience and a good reputation of always being time for deliveries are […]

We struggled, we learned, we conquered!

It is one month since the change over to the new operating software, it’s been a period of learning new […]

Do you really need shipping insurance?

We’ve heard it all before, “It’s a small parcel, oh it doesn’t need insurance” or “this is the umpteenth time […]

There’s more to exporting wines than you’d think there is.

From an outsider’s perspective, shipping wine seems like a simple, seamless task. Wine is filled into flexi-tanks, tanktainers or bottles, […]

Moving up…into Africa.

Referred to as a continent of resilience and opportunity, and a continent with enormous potential for success, Africa is still […]

Tips to lowering your shipping costs.

Freight costs can often take up a big portion of operational costs for companies, as a company grows and expands, […]

Exciting times ahead as we move over to a new operating system

With more than two years of planning, we are extremely excited and looking forward to the launch of our brand-new […]

2018 trends in logistics, what does this mean for the customer.

In an economy where customers are becoming more accustomed to shopping around for the best prices and the best service […]

Packing tips to keep your shipment safe and problem free.

Parcels shipped to another country can often travel thousands of kilometres, it is essential to ensure that it is correctly […]

Rate Negotiations and how to go about it the right way.

Shipping costs often take up a big part of a major supply chain, it is here where rate negotiations take […]

How to know when a logistics company is the right one for you.

In many industries, once a business has grown enough, it reaches a point of growth where one begins to look […]

16 February 2018 is Chinese New Year.

To all our trusted clients, please be aware that most suppliers in and around China will be on holiday a […]

Celebrating the loyal

To determine if a company is in fact a good company, one must always look at the staff, how happy […]

The era of digital

In an era where customer service is key, it is understandable that the transport and logistics industry would make strides […]

Pioneer Freight exhibits at the CTIFM 2017

The Cape Town international Film Market and Festival, a weeklong event for all of the film industry professionals, amateurs and […]

Holiday notice

A quick reminder to all our trusted clients. December is silly season and we all know what that means, increased […]

25 years down the line and the best is still to come

Starting out as a small idea of building something great, we can really see the hard work that has gone […]

A new look for Pioneer Freight

Pioneer Freight’s branding has always been a strong representation of our core values and ethos. In the past years it […]