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Coronavirus, COVID-19, shipping, imports, exports, forwarding, airfreight

Coronavirus Level 4 Update

This week sees a new week in the South African COVID-19 lockdown at level 4, starting a phased economic opening. […]
shipping, imports, exports, coronavirus, forwarding

Coronavirus Update

Preventative measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus are being utilised with many companies in China choosing to have […]
General Average, Shipping, Imports, Exports, maritime insurance, forwarding

General Average

A container carrier recently declared General Average following an incident that occurred on board one of their vessels on the […]
customs duty, imports, exports, sean freight, air freight, freight forwarding

How is customs duty & vat calculated on imported goods?

Every single item which is imported into South Africa, no matter by what means of transport; airfreight, seafreight, courier etc. […]
Incoterms, shipping, import, export, sea freight, ocean freight, forwarding

Incoterms 2020

What is the meaning of Incoterms and why do they play a crucial role in international trade when buying or […]

IMO 2020 Tariff Adjustments

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) will implement a new E-Emission target set to take effect from 1 January 2020. Shipping […]

Temporary Import vs ATA Carnet

On the back of last month’s newsletter which focused on the upcoming film season in South Africa, this month we […]

Things are picking up in the film industry

September marks the beginning of the film industry commercial season and at this point we reflect on last season.   The […]

Not all shipments can be shipped equally

The differences between air and sea freight are seemingly apparent, but for shippers, there is much more than meets the […]

The importance of fumigation in exports and imports

Fumigating items in a shipment is more important than we think it is. Often at times an inconvenience and lengthening […]

New building and new possibilities for Johannesburg

Here at Pioneer Freight we are always trying to look out for opportunities to help the company grow, expand our […]

New rules for carry on imports

Customs clearing is not only for imports and exports, but also applies to some carry-on luggage on international flights. This […]

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