What is Peak Season in the Freight Forwarding Industry. 

By definition, “it’s the time of year when a lot of people travel and prices are usually at their highest”

This rings true for the cargo industry as well, with peak season (imports into South Africa) generally occurring late in the 3rd quarter of the year at which time retailers and Importers increase their volumes in anticipation of the ‘Christmas Rush’ and, more recently, Black Friday.

It is during this time that carriers will experience a surge in liftings, placing strain on both capacity and equipment and, as such, they will want to capitalise on this by way of increasing their freight rates and/or implementing a peak season surcharge.

The Chinese Golden Week celebrations further compounds the situation as importers look at requesting shipment of their orders prior to this week, in a bid to avoid missing out on sales due to possible delays that could be experienced whilst in-transit. 

As always the Pioneer Freight team is here to ensure your cargo moves swiftly over the Peak Season.