It is incredible to think that the past year went by so fast, but not without its set of challenges as well as milestones which we are proud of achieving.

As with every year that goes by, we have the pleasure of entering the new year with amazing clients, both longstanding and new.

The past year has seen us moving over to new operational software which has been a big achievement. With a tight deadline of getting to know the new system with only four months of training, we managed to make it and succeed at it without any hiccups or major problems.

And we dare not forget to mention our fun shipments we have had to ship; countless cars and film equipment, big artworks, as well as a project shipment that went through to Saldanha Bay. This past year we have kept the Pioneer Freight name high and as with every other year we have proven ourselves to our clients why we regard ourselves as the best in our industry.

So, what do we hope to achieve in the coming year?

β€œEach year that goes by, one of our recurring goals is to keep pushing ourselves to better our service to our valuable customers, and to stick to our motto of being Big enough to Cope and Small enough to Care” says Ryan Burgess, Director of Pioneer Freight.