September marks the beginning of the film industry commercial season and at this point we reflect on last season.  

The 2018 / 2019 summer commercial season in the Western Cape seemed to be very much busier than the same period the previous year. We were extremely proud to have handled the movement of a vast volume of film equipment along with products, ranging from cheese, to breakfast cereals, to various beverages to cars. In addition we provided the full logistics component for a handful of reality shows. Mauritius seemed to once again be the flavour of the season, with a number of shoots taking place on the island, which we were delighted to effectively facilitate. 

Having a firm interest and understanding of the film industry, along with our selected global partners, we have built up an impressive repertoire of film clients, who we proudly serve.  With over 27 years in business and just over 20 years serving the film industry, we have made it an art to safely transport sensitive film equipment & props etc. to and from most global destinations. 

β€œWe can honestly say that we enjoy every single challenge we are faced with. It is such a rewarding experience knowing that we are key partners to production companies when filming. We wish our clients well for the upcoming commercial season” says Ryan Burgess, director of Pioneer Freight.