Shipping cars isn’t a new concept at all, there are so many corporations doing it daily. The one fact about importing and exporting cars is that not all cars that are imported can be exported again.

But why should they?
Not all vehicles that are imported are for the sole purpose of resale. Car manufacturers will often ship their vehicles to different exotic destinations to create the perfect advert to compliment the car or strengthen the concept behind the commercial. Other vehicles are also imported to shoot a film.
South African laws states that the import of left-handed cars is only permitted should it either have been registered before 2000 or has a temporary import or ATA carnet for filming. It is for this main reason that the vehicle cannot be sold off locally, and will have to be exported again, or destroyed.

But just because it came in, doesn’t mean it can go out again.
Sadly, there are the unfortunate few that can not be exported again, and thus needs to be destroyed under customs supervision. There are multiple reasons for this. If the cost of exporting exceeds the value of the car or the country it came from does not allow for second hand vehicles to be re-imported, and as previously mentioned, left-hand drive vehicles can not be used in SA unless registered before 2000.
Before looking at importing or exporting a luxury car, it is definitely recommended to use a freight forwarder, such as Pioneer Freight, to advise if it is possible and to assist in the logistics of transporting it.