In the world of shipping there are often a few things that can go wrong, whether it be damaged cargo or port delays. One of the less known factors of shipping delays are known as vessel bypassing.

So, what exactly is vessel bypassing?

When there are severe port blockages, due to adverse weather conditions etc., and a vessel cannot berth, the decision to bypass a port and move on to the next needs to be made as it is important for a vessel to maintain its sailing schedule integrity.

What this does mean for a shipment is that there is a delay, as the shipment is moving on to the next port and importers and exporters need to make alternate arrangements to get a shipment done. What often happens is that cargo needs to be uploaded on a different ship going to the desired location, or to bring the cargo back to the bypassed port.

“Unfortunately, there isn’t any quick solution once a vessel has bypassed the port, it is a waiting game till it reaches the next port, but with a freight forwarder, such as Pioneer Freight, these alternate arrangements can be easily made and assisted with” says Deon Volschenk, sea imports manager at Pioneer Freight.