Dealing with customs can be a challenging process. By knowing the rules and regulations, complications can be avoided.

The Euro One Certificate; a very particular certificate, stipulating only European manufactured goods can qualify for discounted customs duty rates on certain items. Application for this certificate does require for the manufacturer or supplier to list the country of origin. However a product manufactured in China, but exported by a European supplier can not enjoy the rebate of the Euro One, for the mere fact that it doesn’t adhere to the certificate criteria that the manufacturer needs to be a European manufacturer.

Getting the language right is the simplest step to remember in this process. Customs act stipulates all declarations, packing lists, invoices etc. are to be in English, for the simple fact…it’s easy to understand.

“Some regulations can be simple to remember with others requiring the skilled help of a freight forwarder. Should you need any assistance dealing with customs, please feel free to contact us” says Ray Burgess, director of Pioneer Freight.