Customs clearing is not only for imports and exports, but also applies to some carry-on luggage on international flights. This does mean that there are items that require clearance by a customs agent, such as Pioneer Freight, before it can be collected and brought into the country.

New rules around the clearance of such items have been brought into effect and should be taken note of.

Once items are cleared by the clearing agent, the clearing agent is not allowed to collect the goods on behalf of the passenger from customs, it is only the passport holder that is permitted to collect their goods.

This does pose a problem specifically in the film industry where film equipment or costumes are often brought over without the presence of a carnet, a temporary permit to bring goods into a country intended to be returned to the country of origin after a certain time period. The carnet ensures that there are no delays or taxes, and that the passenger does not have to return to the airport at a later stage to collect these goods.

β€œIt is always recommended to ensure that all goods taken abroad are permitted and that all paperwork is in place. Should you require assistance with any clearance or have questions around the necessary paperwork, speak to a freight forwarder, such as Pioneer Freight” says Shaun Honeyman, Air Imports Manager at Pioneer Freight.