It is with much excitement and pleasure that Pioneer Freight begins a new partnership with Crowe DNA, our recently appointed Human Resources (HR) & Organizational Development (OD) service and support advisory team. 

Crowe DNA is a licensed independent professional Advisory firm of Crowe Global, ranked as the 8th largest Audit, Tax & Advisory organization in the world. The Crowe DNA team are a specialist outsourced HR & OD practice that offer firms like ours an end to end HR delivery and advisory function that enables a business to grow through the implementation of world class people management practices and systems. 

Our staff at Pioneer Freight are the most important and valuable part of our business. As we continue to grow and expand we have become acutely aware that it is through staff that we deliver the Pioneer service promise and therein ensure that our valuable clients receive superior support and service from our team. 

As the world changes around us so too must we change and adapt the way we lead, motivate and manage our teams. The world of work has changed dramatically as a result of the covid pandemic and as a result thereof clients are more sensitive and aware of how their logistical requirements need to be attended to by their trusted freight partner. As a business we pride ourselves on creating and enabling a work environment that is under pinned by our Pioneer values and culture. Together with the Crowe DNA team we aim to set new standards of performance and delivery that not only make Pioneer Freight a great place to work but a great business partner to work with. 

We believe that establishing a world class employee value proposition is a critical strategic goal to strive towards. Employee engagement and satisfaction should be vital contributors to employee performance and service which ultimately benefits you, our most valuable clients. 

Investing in a partnership with Crowe DNA who are professional HR & OD experts allows the Pioneer Freight team to focus on our core skills of providing the best freight and logistic solutions thereby ensuring an even better service experience for all our stakeholders. 

As a leadership team we are committed to employee growth, development and performance because we know that being “big enough to cope” also means we are big enough to know that the more we care for our staff the more they care for our clients.