Innovation in the 21st century is what differentiates the good from the better. So how does a company differentiate itself from the competition.

Working with a business coach, Matthias Roberg, the decision was made to move Neil Barlow, Sea Export manager, into sales.

Neil, a charismatic personality with the needed flair for connecting with both new and exciting clients he is the perfect fit for the position. Not only does he have the perfect personality for selling our services to prospective clients, he has an extensive knowledge of freight forwarding operations.

“Moving Neil has been a great strategic move in the company, we are very happy that he has a natural talent for connecting with customers, additionally his knowledge in operations here means he can also give on the spot price estimates” says Ryan Burgess, director of Pioneer Freight. “we trust that he will make us very proud and help us lift the company to greater possibilities” he adds.