Expo’s and film festivals are the easiest way for any logistics company, especially Pioneer Freight to make new connections as well as spread the company brand. In the past 2 months, we’ve been quite busy, covering 2 expo’s and a film festival.

Cape Wine Show

A 3-day long expo of over 300 local wineries across the western cape, our resident wine export, Annerie Botma, and sales master, Neil Barlow, attended the event.

“Attending the Cape Wine Show was a great success for us, not only did we have the opportunity to follow up and see existing clients, but we’ve made numerous new contacts and clients” says Annerie.

Cape Town International Film Festival and Market (CTIFM)

With film being one of our niche industries, we attended the CTIFM. Covering yet again various events as well as workshops. With Estelle Kyle, Neil, and various import and export managers holding the Pioneer Freight name high.

“Yet again this year we got the opportunity to show why we are the best at film freight, with our efforts to ensure a one on one service we got in plenty of new contacts,” says Estelle.

Africa Halal Week

An expo we attended for merely one day, our master sales executives really showed us why they’re so good at making new connections.

“Making sure we know the ins and outs of any business is so important, showing potential clients that we want to learn more and immerse ourselves in their operations, this market proved just that” says Neil, “we got back so much positive feedback, I’m positive we’re going to get new business from this.”

With such positive feedback, it’s no wonder why we still regard ourselves the best.

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