Over the past few months we have covered the beginning steps of a shipment, but what we have not covered, is what happens once a vessel reaches its destination.


The ship does not always berth immediately once it reaches the port, due to various variables such as weather and port congestion. It is sometimes required that the vessels remain at anchor in the bay, until the weather or port traffic clear`s up.


The containers are not immediately available after the vessel berths. This process depends on the number of containers on board, as we as the weather conditions.


The off-loading process is handled by various cranes, and gantry cranes, to speed up a safe off-loading process.


Full Container Loads, or known as FCL shipments in the freight industry, can be delivered directly from the port to the client`s door once the container truck is loaded. Less Container Loads (LCL shipments) on the other hand, are moved from the port to the bonded depot for unpacking, before it may be uplifted and delivered.


β€œIt is important to understand the off-loading process, as it can become lengthy due to the variables.” Says Deon Volschenk, Sea Freight Import Manager.