Majority of film creation is a perfect mix of talent, hard work and dedication from producers, actors and film crew, but would the success of the film industry exist without the input of shipping and logistics.

In film the most important aspect of creating this is technology, big cameras with even bigger rigging, drones and special effects. From there the addition of props is what really what sets a successful, quality production apart from the rest…well this, and location.

What makes this possible is the skills and expertise of the logistics industry, adding their extensive knowledge of the logistics industry into cutting the cost of moving the equipment, making amazing movies EVEN BETTER!

Moving film equipment is a challenging aspect, all props, big or small needs to be meticulously timed as to be on set, in time for filming. Some films can cost up to millions per day of filming, one late shipment and filming can be set back by days. What adds to the complication are the different regulations and permits required for various items used on set.

But why not use items produced in the destination country? An attractive thought to investing money into the country, but adding to the cost of production, and why create and source props when you already have it at your disposal.

Knowing the tricks of the trade, freight forwarders make use of Carnets, a “boomerang freight” of goods being imported, and exported in its original form. Thus, avoiding import duties and tax when a border is crossed.

“With the use of a freight forwarder, like Pioneer Freight, production companies are saving as freight forwarders understand and know how cargo can be sent at the lowest possible rate” says Ryan Burgess, director of Pioneer Freight.