If only Bob Dylan knew, at the time of writing this song back in 1964, how valid these lyrics would be and remain in 2022.

Pre-clearance of Import Containers

For those of us who have been in shipping for a few years, you will remember the days where we had 2 – 3 days after the vessel had completed discharge, to present the carrier with our clearance documentation to arrange collection and delivery of the import container. If we missed this deadline, the carrier would pass “Overstay”and move the container to their nominated storage depot and send us a hefty bill covering basic late clearance and uncleared storage charges.

This is all in a bid to keep the Terminal fluid and to ensure sufficient yard space is available for the next vessel’s export stack and import discharge. The current situation at Los Angeles Container Terminals is more than likely because they do not enforce this kind of arrangement with their carriers and importers.

Since Covid, this timeline has moved forward to 48 – 96 hours prior to the vessel’s Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)

If this deadline is not met, the carrier will discharge the container in an already ‘overstay’ status and invoice their overstay costs, from the date of discharge and until such time that clearance documents have been submitted.

Of course, included in the batch of clearance documentation would be the Customs Entry confirming that the VAT and Duty (if applicable) component has been settled. This becomes a huge challenge and balancing act when vessels are arriving early in the new month, but with the entry being passed in the previous month…

We are not sure whether this arrangement will remain in place now that the State of Disaster has ended, we will have to wait and see…

Fuel Surcharge

Owing to the recent increases in fuel prices, please note that our fuel surcharge for the month of April has been adjusted to 35%.

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