This week sees a new week in the South African COVID-19 lockdown at level 4, starting a phased economic opening. Pioneer Freight continues as we have done over the past weeks of lockdown, with most of our team operating remotely and only a few staff members in the offices countrywide. 

With our superb operating system which we took on in June 2018, we are able to work from any location throughout the world. We have therefore successfully operated β€˜virtually’ since the lockdown was initiated in March. Until we are permitted to have more of our team in the office, we will continue to function in this manner. 

We are available to our clients, partners and stakeholders at all times via normal channels and will continue to deliver our usual high level of service to our clients over this this period. Should you wish to reach any of us by landline, please call our normal office number and the call will be transferred to the individual you are wanting to speak to. 

Although this has been a rather dark and despairing period for most, we are extremely proud of our team who have risen to the occasion and proved that they are more than capable of thinking on their feet, sorting out problems and finding solutions. We are working harder than ever before, even though we are operating remotely and not in the comfort of the office where we are able to interact, and bounce ideas off each other.

As South Africans, we have become accustomed to dealing with crisis situations. One thinks of challenges of late; the most recent being the water crisis in the Western Cape. We proved that through uniting as a country, we were able to pull through with much success. 

We wish to bring to your attention that space is extremely limited for airfreight shipments as there are no passenger aircraft operating to SA at this stage. We therefore are limited to cargo only aircraft. Furthermore, all airlines withdrew their published rates prior to lockdown. These will hopefully be re-instated without any major increases as soon as their services start up again. 

Oceanfreight operates as normal with some restrictions in place. Please make contact with our team for any questions relating to the above. 

We hope that you, your business and those closest to you are safe and managing in these most unusual times.  We thank you for your patience and understanding and your continued support over this period and we look forward to the day when things return to normal. Although, what will be the new normal?? Only time will tell. 

Keep well and stay safe

Ryan Burgess