They say behind every successful business normally sits a brilliant group of people, working hard to stay on top. It is evident in the sea exports team here at Pioneer Freight.

This four man team, consisting of Dean Brotherton, Janine Raubenheimer, Denzil Petersen and Annerie Botma, who successfully deal with a variety of different shipments each day. With each members’ unique skill set, any job can be successfully handled, with them stepping in and assisting each other where necessary.

“We can deal with absolutely any shipment you can think of, if a liner accepts it, we will ship it. With our good communication, we are able to manage even the most testing and trying shipment” says Janine.

Prepared for every challenge that is thrown at them, it is easy for them to say their only stumbling block when dealing with a shipment is computer issues.

“As with any business, teamwork is very important, having a good team that gets along well projects onto their work, as well as the client’s satisfaction. Being able to assist one another when someone gets stuck helps avoid critical mistakes” says Dean, sea exports manager.