Dear valued client,

The Western Cape perishable EXPORT AIR FREIGHT season is now in full swing, thanks to the high demand for our BerriesFish and Fresh-Cut Flowers in overseas markets. As a result, space for general cargo ex Cape Town may be a challenge in the coming weeks.

The good news is that, in a bid to capitalise on and service this demand, various Airlines will increase the number of flights per week.

Owing to the strong, existing relationships that we have with the various airlines, we will try our utmost best to offer you, our valued client and partner, the best solution for your cargo although we do feel it necessary to bring the current challenging period to your attention.

With regards to IMPORT AIR FREIGHT, as things stand right now and despite the seasonal “Black Friday” and “Christmas” demand, space seems to be OK.

Our suggestion is, as always, to alert us of your export and/or import requirements as early as possible as this will enable us to plan ahead and offer you a workable solution.

Yours in Logistics,
The Pioneer Freight Team