Pioneer Freight’s branding has always been a strong representation of our core values and ethos. In the past years it has also shown the test of time sporting a look that could be regarded as timeless.

This year has had a lot of excitement in store for our staff and clients. From the opening of a new international branch to the move to a new, bigger Cape Town office. In spite of all this, we have decided to give the Pioneer Freight brand a little change.

No matter how timeless a brand can be, certain aspects of it could become a little dated, it is here where we took on the challenge to bring some new life into our company, as well as embracing new advances in technology.

As you can well see, the logo has not changed too much, retaining a lot of the old look we have gotten so used to, but we have made very big changes into almost everything else.

We firstly welcome you to our new and improved website, a clean, responsive design with new features such as the tracking of courier shipments. From here we had made a big focus on social media and creating a strong brand presence on both Facebook and LinkedIn, also making a big effort into connecting even more with our clients.

We have also decided on sending out monthly newsletters to inform our clients on new things happening within our company as well as connecting even more.

The main goal of the brand change is to show the clients that we care about them, we want to connect with them on a deeper level and we are transparent in what happens within Pioneer Freight.

We trust that you will like the new look and we urge you to look out for new things to come.