Starting out as a small idea of building something great, we can really see the hard work that has gone into Pioneer Freight.

Pioneer Freight first started in 1992 as a door to door courier agent sporting a staff count of 3 people in a 150-square metre warehouse. “At that point you could mainly find multinational companies that weren’t providing a dedicated service to the industry” says Ray, Director of Pioneer Freight, “we saw a gap in this niche market and went for it”. It has since then gradually consolidated and expanded to maintain the personal service which is still in existence to this day, and is now a multi-national logistics company with more than 55 dedicated staff members.

So, what makes Pioneer Freight so successful? Our staff of course.

Sporting a very low staff turnover, Pioneer Freight has created an atmosphere for people to grow and flourish in, making a great impact on how they treat their clients and prioritise their client’s needs.

“Our staff and personnel are the lifeblood of our organisation. We have put a lot of effort and energy into motivating our staff and encouraging innovation. This has made a very big difference in Pioneer Freight” says Ryan Burgess, Director of Pioneer Freight.

By dividing staff in teams, each made up of 2-4 staff members, based on the services they provide, Pioneer Freight offers world class service, ensuring that each client has more than just one person working on their account and creating a smaller margin for error.

So, what is to come?

“In the last 4 months, Pioneer Freight has undergone some radical changes. We have brought in business coaches to train our management staff to ensure we only offer the best service there is, we have made changes to our look and we have made a great effort to connect more with our clients,” says Ryan, “from here things will only get better”.